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Día, Lugar y Horario

Dias: Inicia el 04/10/2012 y finaliza el 04/10/2012

Lugar: Av. Santa Fe 4201, Buenos Aires, CABA C1425BAA, (54 11) 4777-5500.

Horarios: de 09:00 hasta las 11:30hs.

Dr. Bimal k. Bose

Power electronics and motor drives have gained significant maturity after several decades of dynamic technology evolution. With the maturing trend, there will be tremendous emphasis on power electronics applications in industrial, commercial, residential, transportation, aerospace, military and utility systems. In the 21st. century, we expect to see the major impact of power electronics not only in global industrialization and high efficiency general energy systems, but in energy conservation, renewable energy systems, electric/hybrid vehicles and bulk energy storage systems. With the initiative of modern Smart Grid, there is a trend of merger of power electronics with computers, communication, information technology and power engineering to emerge as a complex interdisciplinary technology. The presentation, in the beginning, will discuss global energy scenario, climate change problems due to fossil fuel burning, and the methods of their mitigation. Then, it will discuss the impact of power electronics in energy saving, renewable energy systems, bulk energy storage and electric/hybrid vehicles. A few example applications will be reviewed before coming to conclusion and future scenario. In the future scenario, the advances and trends of power semiconductor devices, converters, motor drives, control and estimation will be briefly reviewed.

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