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Logo de Automación micromecánica
Automación Micromecánica S.A.I.C. www.micro.com.ar

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CH2M HILL ARGENTINA S.A. www.ch2m.com
KORDSA ARGENTINA S.A. www.kordsa.com.tr
Logo Tecna S.A.
Tecna S.A. www.tecna.com.ar

Adherent members

Logo Aumecon S.A.
Aumecon S.A. www.aumecon.com.ar
 Logo Bruno Schillig S.A.
Bruno Schillig S.A. www.schillig.com.ar
 Logo Conuar S.A.
Conuar S.A. www.conuarfae.com
Logo Comunicaciones y Sistemas integrados S.A.
Comunicaciones y Sistemas integrados S.A. www.comsitech.com.ar
Logo Casucci Automatización  S.A.
Casucci Automatización S.A. www.casucci-sa.com
Logo Control para la Industria S.A.
Control para la Industria S.A. www.cpi.com.art
Logo CV Control S.A.
CV Control S.A. www.cvcontrol.com.ar
Logo Editores S.R.L.
Editores S.R.L. www.editores-srl.com.ar
Logo Emerson S.A.
Emerson S.A. www.emerson.com
Logo Festo S.A.
Festo S.A. www.festo.com
Logo Finder Componentes Ltda. Suc. Argentina
Finder Componentes Ltda. Suc. Argentina www.findernet.com
Logo Honeywell S.A.I.C.
Honeywell S.A.I.C. www.honeywell.com
Logo EPCA S.H.
EPCA S.H. www.imastec.com
Logo Invensys Operations Management
Invensys Operations Management www.ips.invensys.com
Logo Marlew S.A.
Marlew S.A. www.marlew.com.ar
Logo Meditecna S.R.L.
Meditecna S.R.L. www.meditecna.com.ar
Logo Murten S.R.L.
Murten S.R.L. murten.com.ar
Logo Omron Electronics
Omron Electronics www.espanol.omron.com
Logo Pepperl+Fuchs Argentina S.R.L.
Pepperl+Fuchs Argentina S.R.L. www.pepperl-fuchs.com
Logo Petroken P.E.S.A.
Petroken P.E.S.A. www.petroken-pesa.com.ar
Logo Rockwell Argentina S.A.
Rockwell Argentina S.A. www.rockwellautomation.com.ar
Logo Schneider Electric Argentina S.A.
Schneider Electric Argentina S.A. www.schneider-electric.com.ar
Logo Siemens S.A.
Siemens S.A. www.siemens.com.ar
Logo Soluciones en Control S.R.L.
Soluciones en Control S.R.L. www.edcontrol.com
Logo Supertec S.A.
Supertec S.A. www.supertec.com.ar
Logo SVS Consultores
SVS Consultores www.svsconsultores.com.ar
Logo Testo Argentina S.A.
Testo Argentina S.A. www.testo.com.ar
Logo Tyco Flow Control Argentina S.A.
Tyco Flow Control Argentina S.A. www.tyco-flow.com
Logo Weisz Instrumentos S.A.
Weisz Instrumentos S.A. www.weisz.com
Logo Winters Instruments
Winters Instruments S.A. www.winters.com.ar


If your company wants to become an AADECA member, please send your application form by fax to:
54(11) 4372-6746 / 4374-3780
or through our association form.

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