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These meetings, in which AADECA members can participate with important discounts, take place every two years, with an increasing importance among specialists. Nowadays, there are more than 1800 papers submitted in these events, undoubtedly a real exponent of research and applications developed in academic and industrial areas of our country.

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In collaboration with other IFAC Member Associations in Latin America, AADECA participates in the organization of Latin American symposia which rotate in each of these countries.

At these meetings, held every two years, there are papers that show the level of development achieved in academic and industrial fields in different Latin American countries, allowing dialogue among professionals with similar socio-economic realities.


• 6th MMM’89: the Sixth International Symposium of Mining Automation and Mineral and Metals Processing, was organized by AADECA from September 3rd to 8th, 1989, sponsored by IFAC Applications Committee.

• 4th LCA ’95: this international symposium “Low Cost Automation”, sponsored by IFAC , was organized by AADECA from September 13th to 15th, 1985, at the Engineering School of the Buenos Aires University (UBA).

• SICICA 2000: 4th International IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Components and Instrument for Control Applications, took place in Buenos Aires from September 13th to 15th, 2000.


AADECA organizes every two years an exhibition of instruments and control systems in which take part the most representative companies of the sector, exhibiting their latest products and news. Attendants to these exhibitions are qualified public, consisting of professionals, teachers and important companies users. Visitors to this exhibition have been increasing in each edition, with an average of 7000 people in the last years during its five opening days.

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  • • Argentine Symposia and Congresses of Automatic Control.
  • • National Exhibitions.
  • • Latin America Symposia held in Argentina.
  • • International Symposia held in Argentina.
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AADECA organizes intensive courses, debates and workshops on specialty topics, in which members can participate with important discounts.

These courses are taught by professionals from prestigious academic institutions and companies. The Board of Directors has the intention to extend these courses to the rest of the country.

This courses’material, if authorized by speakers, is uploaded to the website exclusively for those members who due to different reasons cannot attend. This is a benefit especially for those members of other provinces.


AADECA Newsletter about Automation, Control and Instrumentation
This is a newsletter prepared by the Association management that is sent by e-mail to those members that have informed their e-mail address and subscribers interested in.

It informs weekly about the sector news, such us: courses and other activities organized by AADECA, other institutions’ courses and activities, etc. with an additional information about job offers (only for up-to-date members) which are published in national newspapers or in the companies job requirements.

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Instrumentation and Automatic Control Magazine
Edited by Editorial Control S.R.L., it is the broadcasting media of AADECA and it is distributed without charge to all Argentine members.


Throughout these years, AADECA has published books and professional notebooks with practical application, that have reached both members as well as different interested people, and through our donations to the libraries of universities and third level schools in the country.


As a result of AADECA Contests for Unpublished Works about Control matters, there have been published the following books:

See the full list of published books (only available in Spanish)

Professional Notebooks

With the aim of spreading the Control issues, since 1993 it has been publishing AADECA Professional Papers of practical application. Up to date there are the following titles:

See the full list of published professional (only available in Spanish)

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